90% of paid newsletter authors leave money on the table.

News Bundler is the set-and-forget tool that authors use to grow their paid newsletter by up to 60%. Two or more authors team up, sell a bundle of their newsletters and share the revenue.News Bundler automates all the heavy lifting for you: Newsletters go out, money comes in!

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Step by StepHow does News Bundler work?

It takes only 30 minutes to add your newsletter. News Bundler will take care of the rest.

What you need to know as a paid newsletter authorSolving the newsletter growth problem

Independent paid newsletter authors are entrepreneurs, they are always trying to grow their business. Two of their key sources of new business are an increase in subscriber count and a higher price for their newsletter. But as soon as their content is behind the paywall, growth becomes harder!

How authors currently solve that problem

Today authors are attempting to solve this problem by trying a number of growth tactics, for example: newsletter cross promotion, outreach to influencers, paid ads, sending a CTA to their list, getting featured on podcasts, and so on.

Why current solutions aren't good enough

Traditional growth tactics are time-consuming and frustrating. Most marketing tactics do not bring in enough subscribers, compared to the time they take authors to execute. Newsletter authors love writing – but they don't like to spend time to “pound the drum” for their paid newsletters.

A perfect solution would look like this

In a perfect world, a machine would take care of the nitty-gritty details of growth work. Machines do not become frustrated or tired – they simply carry on as long as there is electricity to feed them.

Authors would have a growth engine that helps them double their list size and raise the price of their newsletter at the same time, while the authors could do what they love most: writing without distraction, making money nonetheless.

Our point of view on the world

We believe that growth tools should support the way you work best, and: we believe in growth tools that are built with an author's personality and business model in mind.

While there are many good paid newsletter platforms on the market today, none support the authors' income growth with a “set and forget” approach. We believe that solving that is critical for growing newsletter businesses in particular, because writing should be a distraction-free activity.

Currently every author shoulders this problem alone. We believe that this is a big waste of human energy! Technology should help authors grow together, while remaining independent writers.

Introducing our product

Introducing News Bundler, the only collaborative but fully automated growth tool designed for authors of paid newsletters!

The Value of News Bundler

News Bundler delivers more value for paid newsletter authors:

  • Increase subscription sales by teaming up with another trusted author and selling a bundle of your newsletters.
  • Reach twice as many subscribers for your newsletter by teaming up with another author who has a similar list size.
  • Grow your income by up to 60% by setting News Bundler up once and for all. Then, forget about it while it does the grunt work for you in the background.
  • Delight your subscribers, offering them a bundle of two or more high-quality newsletters for 20% off the original newsletter prices.

Increase subscription sales

Earn more by “baking a much bigger cake” and sharing it with a trusted buddy:

  • Using our bundling technology, define a bundle of 2 newsletters and sell it to all the subscribers combined, from both newsletter authors.
  • Doubling your subscriber count and bundle price creates a cake that is 4 times as large as one of the single newsletters was before.
  • Give the subscribers a discount, pay a low platform fee for News Bundler, and share the rest between the authors. This let's your income grow by up to 60%.

Grow your newsletter hands-free

  • Connect your existing newsletter sending system to News Bundler. It automatically forwards your and your buddy’s newsletters to the same subscribers. News Bundler works with all major newsletter platforms like Substack, ConvertKit, Revue, and more.
  • Connect the authors' Stripe accounts to News Bundler. It automatically shares the incoming revenue from bundle sales with all contributing authors of a bundle, giving each author a fair share that depends on newsletter price and running subscriber count.
  • Save time by letting News Bundler do subscription management, newsletter forwarding and revenue bookkeeping in the background for you – day and night, all that for “8% plus Stripe fees”. Free your mind, go back to writing and watch your bank account grow!

What you should do right now:

  1. Create a free account on News Bundler
  2. Add both your own newsletters to the directory
  3. Ask Matthias (the founder of News Bundler) to make the newsletters visible on the website
  4. Define a bundle
  5. Ask Matthias to make the bundle visible, too.
  6. Add both newsletters to the bundle
  7. Invite your subscribers to upgrade to the bundle
  8. Watch your income grow in your Stripe account!

Hint: To speed things up and enable Matthias to learn from your feedback, please book a free onboarding session with him. DM him on Twitter @newsbundler.

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