30 minutes in which a paid newsletter author happily raises her income by 44%

Writer collectives are the future of paid writing.

Matthias Bohlen
1 minute reading time

Alice has a paid newsletter with 1000 subscribers. Each subscriber pays her $10 a month because they enjoy her tips about productivity. That makes her earn a nice $10k every month.

Alice recently thought about how to grow her newsletter. She knows Bob, a buddy who happens to write a monthly newsletter, too, the same size as Alice. Bob also writes about productivity but from a different angle.

Alice trusts Bob, and so they decide to bundle their newsletters and offer them to their respective subscribers. This would eventually double their audience, and each one would make more money.

Alice sits down for 30 minutes and signs up for newsbundler.com, a new service that makes this easy for every newsletter author in the world.

She creates a newsletter profile with a catchy headline and an interesting summary. She also uploads a picture that will show up nicely in the newsletter directory. Alice puts a $10 price tag on it. newsbundler.com sells it with a discount of 20% when people get her newsletter within a bundle.

Bob does the same for his newsletter. The both send a link to the offer to their lists.

After a while, their readers buy the bundle. Readers now get two excellent newsletters for $16 instead of $20. Alice continues to get $10 for her own subscribers, and an extra $4.40 for every subscriber that came via Bob’s list. The platform keeps $1.60 (10% of the bundle price). Bob enjoys the same effect on his side.

With 30 minutes of work, Alice makes an additional $4,400 each month. And, of course, she will happily live ever after, right? 😃

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