‘The Profile’ author Polina Pompliano writes long-form stories on people

Read her newsletter, it’s a perfect example of high-quality paid content

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Polina Pompliano is an eager reader and a prolific writer. She says that in 2020 she read 1.8 million words, and every Sunday since 2017 she has been releasing another issue of her paid newsletter “The Profile”, consistently!

In March 2020, she quit her job at Fortune Magazine and went full-time with her newsletter business, just at the time the Pandemic hit New York.

Polina recommends a healthy content diet

Polina has a way of thinking that fascinates me. She constantly reminds her readers to have a “healthy content diet”. In a story about herself, she writes:

It’s easy to fall into a spiral of consuming what I call “junk food content,” which plunges you into crazy thought patterns and anxious feelings. …We claim we invest in our health, but we neglect our content diet. …Create an environment that facilitates falling into intellectual rabbit holes.

I love that mindset, and I like to fall into intellectual rabbit holes myself!

She writes great stories

With that content diet, Polina is able to write fascinating stories about the most interesting people from business, tech, sports, etc. She captures their wisdom and wit, and to every Profile issue she adds recommendations of what to read, listen, watch, and techniques to try – all from the person she’s writing about!

Where to learn more

If you want to be inspired to write a high-quality newsletter, check out The Profile.

Polina Pompliano

The Profile

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