Lenny Rachitsky: What’s inside a super-successful business newsletter?

Let’s peek into the package one of the most successful business writers has created for us

Matthias Bohlen
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I discovered Lenny Rachitsky on Twitter and noticed he writes a very successful newsletter, both paid and free issues. On the About page of his newsletter, he says that if I subscribe, I can expect at least 100 issues a year, although he takes 4 weeks off each year to recharge.

I reacted like 🤯 Wow, what a prolific and consistent writer he is!

Let him speak about it himself:

Every week, I humbly tackle reader questions about product, growth, people management, and anything else that’s stressing you out at the office.

He speaks to me as a startup founder

As the founder of newsbundler.com, I’m totally interested in what Lenny has to offer. Just look at these headlines:

  • How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users
  • Improving retention
  • Improving conversion
  • Increasing virality
  • How to know if you’ve got product-market fit
  • What to ask your users about product-market fit
  • Positioning
  • Generating buzz
  • Finding your distribution advantage
  • How people discover new products
  • Pricing your SaaS product

Isn’t that amazing? It feels like I totally am a part of his audience.

Other businesses seem to think so, too

In his Twitter profile, Lenny says that he has 93,000 subscribers on his list (although they won’t all be paying, of course). Impressive!

What intrigued me was the difference between the paid and free version:

Paid subscribers will receive a fresh post every Tuesday morning PT, plus a Community Wisdom post every Friday morning. Meaning, you will receive over 100 new posts over the course of the year. Unpaid subscribers receive roughly one email a month.

Lenny charges $150 a year or $15 a month for the paid subscription. This even includes a private Slack community and more resources. Amazing package, I think!

Want more?

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