5 Jobs that Every Successful Paid Newsletter Writer Needs to get Done

Every successful paid newsletter author has mastered these Big Five — you can do it, too!

Matthias Bohlen
1 minute reading time

Do you want to be successful with your paid newsletter? Here’s the blueprint. Every successful author mastered these “Big Five”:

1) Ideate: Capture and manage ideas

Ideas are everywhere. They hit you when you don’t expect it. In that case, you need a tool and method to capture, store, and manage them. Have a device to capture them, and a searchable and structured place to store them.

2) Write: Create text (and images)

When the sacred hour of your day comes (i.e. you are wide awake and unavailable for the rest of the world), you sit down, take your bag of ideas, pick the ones you care about, and write!

3) Publish: Send it to your subscribers

When you’re O.K. with what you’ve written (done is better than perfect, here!), it’s time to send it your dear subscribers who are already waiting for your content to appear.

4) Charge: Take money for your content

You need to live, pay your rent, stay healthy and support your family, right? Don’t be afraid to charge for what you write. You’re giving your subscribers your unique and valuable angle on the topic – nobody can do it like you!

5) Grow: Reach more subscribers

Once your early subscribers pay and give you feedback, it’s time to grow! Actively think of methods and tools to reach more and more subscribers over time.

Want to know more?

In the upcoming issues, I will break down these Big Five into processes, methods, and tools – everything you need to take action. Stay tuned!

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