How paid newsletter authors manage their ideas, so they never fear a blank page again

Why those authors always have enough ideas to fill a blank page and make money

Matthias Bohlen
2 minutes reading time

Paid newsletter authors never sit before a blank page. No words = no money.

They have a systematic process for idea management. They have a device to capture their ideas, a place to store and find ideas, and a method to choose the right idea from many.

Paid newsletter authors have their ideas already present when it’s time to write.

A device to capture ideas

Ideas are everywhere. They hit you when you don’t expect it.

In a relaxed state of mind, you get the most ideas. You might be taking a shower, talking to a client, reading a book, browsing a website. Have a note-taking device ready. This can be your smartphone, pencil and paper, choose something that is easy for you to find and use. Capture each idea and the reason why it is significant.

Of course, you need to wait until you’re out of the shower, OK?

A place to store and find ideas

Ideas need a form. Write a note for each one.

Keep all your notes inside a system that is easy to use. It need not be Luhmann’s Zettelkasten: a collection of notes on paper slips, linked as hypertext. However, it must be searchable, browsable and offer a structure for you to find your ideas again.

Don’t sweat this. Start with a simple system.

A method to choose among ideas

Writing is the time when you need to choose ideas.

It is not the time to get new ideas because your mind is now focused, not relaxed. Browse your notes. Choose one to three notes and start to write about them. Search for more notes when the written text “asks” for them. Write a new note about why you chose a particular idea. You will design your own idea management method like that.

Doing this, you’ll never fear a blank page again. Promised!

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