3 Writing Tools to Start the “Flow” Every Day for a Paid Newsletter Author

A mixture of analog and digital tools brings me into the flow of writing, every day

Matthias Bohlen
1 minute reading time

Every day when I start writing, it feels weird to get my consciousness into the “zone” or “flow” of writing. Three tools do the magic for me.

Pen and paper

“The back side of your pen is your antenna into the universe.”
— My old Yoga teacher.

That’s what my old Yoga teacher used to say, and even in the digital age, he is still absolutely right. When I hold a pen in my hand, I suddenly feel more connected, more “here”, and more “now”. Allow yourself to hold a pen for a while, doodling and writing your raw ideas down.

It’s a simple luxury. Always start with a pen before you turn to your keyboard.

White board and Webcam

A white board is like erasable pen and paper.

On the wall behind me there is a whiteboard while I stand and type at the keyboard. A webcam looks at it and brings the image to a window on my screen. I can turn around and draw, then turn around and continue to write.

Whenever I get stuck, I turn to the whiteboard to change my perspective.

Zettlr, the Markdown editor

I love the Markdown format for writing. It feels so clean and easy.

The problem with most Markdown editors: The preview with headlines, links, bold, italic, underlined text is in a separate window so that I always get distracted switching between my Markdown source and the preview. Not so with Zettlr, the Markdown editor that integrates the preview with the source. Easy to use, free and open source.

Zettlris the most distraction-free writing tool for me that I currently know.

Tell me your tools

What do you use for writing? Tell me on Twitter!

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