Why there is no “best” platform for paid newsletter authors – and this is how to find your own!

A helpful checklist to select a newsletter platform, and real good advice at the end.

Matthias Bohlen
1 minute reading time

You want to go paid with your writing. Good choice!

After all, a free newsletter is a nice way to get reach and activate your audience. But it doesn’t pay your rent or supports your family. Go paid, earn money with your valuable writing.

Several platforms allow you to monetize your newsletter. So, how do you choose the best one for you?

How to select a good newsletter platform, for you!

What is good for one author may not be the best for another! You need to define your own selection criteria. Here’s a shopping list to inspire you:

  • Affordability: Is the price right?
  • Beautiful email templates: Do the emails look good?
  • Custom domains: Can you send from your own domain?
  • Easy and reliable editor: You don’t want to “forget the Save button”, right?
  • Revenue distribution: How much of your revenue does the platform take?
  • Support for bundling and writer collectives: Can you write with several authors and publish a bundle of newsletters, to all their lists at once?

Bundling is the most overlooked way to grow a newsletter. Don’t miss out on it!

Go the “best of breed” way

Instead of using one single platform that is “almost good” at everything, use two different ones:

  • Take an existing newsletter platform with beautiful templates and an easy and reliable editor. Your existing one will do in most cases.
  • Connect it to News Bundler, the upcoming platform that does email distribution, payment collection, bundling and revenue distribution for you and your peers.
  • Boom! You suddenly have the best of all worlds: High quality newsletters, sent by a platform that supports bundling and writer collectives.

Grow your newsletters, together with your peer writers!

Want your own small media business, together with another author you trust?

Download our FREE eBook called "2 Writers Making Money". It shows you exactly how to raise your income as a paid newsletter author by teaming up with a buddy, selling a bundle of your newsletters, and splitting the revenue.

Set this up once, then forget about it and get back to writing.


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