Talking to a paid newsletter author, only in my head (part 1)

Practicing sales talk in writing. An exercise for any startup founder, including myself.

Matthias Bohlen
2 minutes reading time

This dialogue could have happened in real life. However, it only happened inside my head. An exercise in sales talk.

Meeting X, the author

M: Hey Author X, nice to meet you on video, thanks for taking the time!

X: Yeah, good! What’s it all about?

M: You’re writing a paid newsletter, right?

X: Yes, it’s about how to build a personal brand.

Proposing the value

M: Cool, that’s a difficult topic! Did you know I can help you to grow your newsletter and make more money with it?

X: Oh, everybody and my auntie claim that! How does it work?

M: You team up with another author. You bundle your two newsletters, sell it as one, and both you and your buddy will offer the bundle to your subscribers.

X: Oh, yeah, I heard about that: The story of Substack and the Everything bundle, right?

M: Yes, I’m creating a platform (called News Bundler) where everyone can create a sellable newsletter bundle. Democratizing the bundling, if you wish.

Helping X to buy

X: Oh no … yet another tool platform! I’ve finally set up all my stuff on AnyMailer, and I don’t want to change platforms again!

M: You won’t need to. You write on AnyMailer and let News Bundler send it to your and your buddy’s subscribers.

X: Sounds cool, but how do I manage the lists? Do I need to manage two lists, my own and my buddy’s?

M: News Bundler does that for you. People subscribe to one list for the bundle.

X: Ahaaaa, you wanna lock me into your platform, right? It’s your list, not mine!

M: No, that would be a shady practice – I’m not that kind of guy. You can download the list as a CSV file and leave me within 5 minutes if you decide so.

X: Okay, good. So what happens when somebody buys and subscribes? And what about the money?

To be continued…

Read the next issue to see what X and I learned next.

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