Talking to a paid newsletter author, only in my head (part 2)

Practicing sales talk in writing. An exercise for any startup founder, including myself.

Matthias Bohlen
1 minute reading time

Part 2 of a dialogue between me and an ideal News Bundler customer. An exercise in sales talk.

X: Okay, good. So what happens when somebody buys and subscribes? And what about the money?

How it works

M: First, an author publishes their newsletter on News Bundler and gets a magic email address for it. They add this email address to their list.

X: Oh, so News Bundler gets my newsletter automatically?

M: Exactly. Whenever you send, News Bundler forwards your newsletter to the subscribers.

X: Nice. So my way of creating my newsletter doesn’t change?

M: Exactly. Now for the subscribers: Before a bundle can be bought, it must exist. Anyone can define a bundle, be it the authors of the contained newsletters, or be it an enthusiastic subscriber who wants to create the perfect bundle for themselves.

X: Now that sounds cool! I even get new subscribers from newsletters I didn’t know before?

M: Yes. Then, the subscriber buys the bundle. News Bundler adds them to the list. It also forwards money to you and the other authors who work for the same bundle.

How much money does the author get?

X: How much money will I get, then?

M: The authors of a bundle get 70% of the revenue. 20% goes to the subscribers as a discount. 10% goes to News Bundler itself so that it can work for you all.

X: Okay, but how is the money shared between me and my co-authors of the same bundle? How much do I get?

To be continued…

Read the next issue to see what X and I learned next.

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