Talking to a paid newsletter author, only in my head (part 3)

Practicing sales talk in writing. An exercise for any startup founder, including myself.

Matthias Bohlen
2 minutes reading time

Part 3 of a dialogue between me and an ideal News Bundler customer. An exercise in sales talk.

How News Bundler distributes the revenue to the authors

X: Sorry, I need to insist here but … how is the money shared between me and my co-authors of the same bundle? How much do I get?

M: This depends on how many of your own subscribers have bought the bundle, and how many came via the other authors or via serendipity.

X: Oops, that sounds weird! How does News Bundler know which subscriber came via which author?

M: You get an affiliate link for each bundle. You send that to your list. Every time one of your fans buys a bundle, you get the credit points for it, and your share of future revenue increases.

X: Nice! Everything fully automated? No human judgement involved?

M: Exactly. The platform does everything automatically and always tells you the what and why, with your complete analytics.

X: Okay, now how do I get the money into my bank account?

M: News Bundler uses Stripe for that. You get the money sent to your Stripe account, and Stripe sends it to your bank.

More “What if…”

X: Oh, I already have Stripe, that’s cool. Now what if a subscriber clicks on the unsubscribe link in a newsletter?

M: News Bundler removes the subscriber from the list for the entire bundle, after asking the subscriber whether that’s really what they want. It also stops charging the subscriber for that bundle.

X: And as an author, I still don’t have to do anything, except to be sorry to see someone leave?

M: Nothing. Nada. You already paid for all this with your 10%. You deserve to have all that heavy lifting done for you. You make more money, and you can focus on what you love the most: Writing!

Happy end: How the authors sign up

X: Matthias, I’m sold! Where can I sign up and what are the first steps?

M: Sign up for a free account on, register your newsletter there.

Add News Bundler’s magic email address to your list. Find a buddy author who does the same, then create your first bundle together. Invite your subscribers, using your affiliate links, and both of you start earning money.

Happy to see you both on News Bundler!

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