How you keep a Library of your Writing, so you can Distribute your Paid Newsletter everywhere on Social

Create a home for your writing, then go “everywhere”.

Matthias Bohlen
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I’m a programmer.

My programs are written as something we call “source code”. The machine compiles it into ones and zeroes that are executable, step by step. Then, the machine executes it. If I lose the source code, I have to re-create the program, entirely from scratch.

If I keep the source code safely, I can recombine it to 1000 new programs I write. Forever.

For a writer, text is your “source code”

You’re a paid newsletter writer.

Your content are ideas written out as short fragments of text. You can combine them over and over again, into new newsletters, articles, social media posts, whatever. If you lose your “source code” (the original fragments) you’ll have to re-create them.

Keep a digital library of everything you write. You can recombine it, forever.

How I shared my digital library automatically, just yesterday

Three weeks ago, I started to build my library.

I write text in Markdown format using the free Zettlr editor. The Markdown files are kept in a git repository as one big folder. Yesterday, I used these steps to share them on social media where my readers are:

  • Copied them to my blog
  • Made them accessible via RSS
  • Wrote a program that converts each one into a Medium article, automatically
  • Imported the RSS feed to a new Substack newsletter, automatically
  • Wrote a short “how to publish using these tools every morning” for myself

Now people can read me on Medium. On Substack. And on Twitter.

Take action. Create “the source” for you.

Make sure you have a safe, searchable, and shareable place to store your source code. And automate the distribution to Social.

Because your audience will become bigger.

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