3 Must-Do’s for a Paid Newsletter Author to Improve a new issue before Hitting Publish

The final touches that will make your newsletter issue a joy to read.

Matthias Bohlen
1 minute reading time

Your readers deserve a well-written and polished piece of work from you.

Before hitting the “Publish” button, you can give your newsletter the last touch that will make it a real joy to read. Remove the typos, fix your grammar, and take care of some images.

Take a break, get some coffee and sit down in a place where you don’t usually write.

Proofread, away from your desk

Take a fresh look at your newsletter issue.

Use the spell checker inside your writing tool to spot the typos and remove them. Format your writing in a nice rhythm of paragraphs. For example: 1-line paragraph, 3-line paragraph, follow by a 1-line paragraph again.

Like I did in this section.

Simplify and fix your grammar

There are two tools that I recommend here:

  • Grammarly tells you where you can fix grammatical mistakes in your language. This is something for me, as I’m German, and English is my second language.
  • Hemingway highlights hard-to-read parts of your writing. You can simplify and use stronger language there. Remove passive voice and complex structure.

The result will amaze you and your readers!

Give your images some love

Get a few images to make your point.

My favourite image sites on the Internet are Unsplash and Undraw. Unsplash has photos, Undraw has illustrations. When you insert an image, give it an ALT text (so that visually impaired people can know what is in the image). Give it a title that explains why you chose this image, and what you want to say with it.

Two or three images will do. YMMV.

Here’s to better newsletter issues!

Make proofreading, grammar simplification, and inserting images part of your daily editing workflow.

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