Lenny Rachitsky: The growth patterns he used to get his first 15,000 newsletter subscribers

What I learnt from a newsletter author who got it all up and running, the data-driven way

Matthias Bohlen
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It’s only 11 days ago that I wrote about Lenny Rachitsky and his newsletter.

Yesterday, I watched a YouTube video interview with him. The topic was: How he launched his paid newsletter and made $65,000 in the first year. I thought: Wow, that’s an amazing achievement, I have to write about Lenny again! What got me going was his methodical, data-driven approach. He even shared a slide set about it during his interview!

Here are the patterns that Lenny used to grow his newsletter to 15,000 people.

What Lenny did to grow his newsletter

Besides publishing content of great value, Lenny told us you can grow like this:

  • Guest posting: Write a post for another newsletter where you fit their audience
  • Outreach to influencers: Ask big accounts to share your newsletter
  • Word of mouth: Encourage people tell their friends and share it on social media
  • Tweeting: Share your newsletter on social media (especially Twitter)
  • Get featured on podcasts: Talk about your newsletter on podcasts that match your audience
  • CTA to your email list: Ask the people on your list to help you grow
  • Give a discount before launch: Before launching a paid newsletter, announce that the price will be lower at the start, and increase to normal within two weeks.

You can add “bundling” to this impressive list

The list above is totally impressive. So many options!

I’ll give you one more option: What if Lenny bundled his newsletter with another one, written by an author he trusts? They could sell both newsletters as a bundle and make up to 44% more money with it. My upcoming platform, newsbundler.com, will enable people to create a “writer collaborative” on the fly, within minutes.

I must contact Lenny and ask for his feedback about it!

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