Caroline Chambers: Her cookbook got rejected, but she stayed cool and turned it into a newsletter with 3,000 paid subscribers

With decisiveness and a clear understanding whom you write for, you can work wonders with your newsletter.

Matthias Bohlen
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You would assume a rejection is a bad thing. Not so for Caroline Chambers!

What really impressed me after reading about her this morning, are two things:

  1. Her decisiveness to create a newsletter. It felt exciting to her, and so she did it, even after her book proposal got rejected.
  2. The clarity and the unique selling point on the About page of her newsletter. “A complete meal, in under an hour, with minimum amount of dirty dishes”. That’s totally to the point, isn’t it?

Here is what she recommends so that you get your first 3,000 paying subscribers:

Growth ideas that got Caroline to 3,000 paying subscribers

Caroline used one familiar pattern (“CTA”) and four others that were new to me:

  • CTA to your email list: Ask them to give your newsletter as a gift to someone else, or run a promo like “this week $5 off on my paid subscription”.
  • Question box on Instagram stories: Leave a “question box” on your Instagram stories and let people write their email that you manually add to your newsletter list.
  • Share daily stuff on Instagram: Talk about it constantly. Share a photo, or share your creative behind-the-scenes process.
  • Use your subscriber’s “language”: Use the subscriber’s “language”, i.e. words that they already know and can relate to. Example: “Get my newsletter for $35/year – the price of a cookbook”.
  • Celebrate a milestone: Share an important accomplishment and combine it with a special offer for your subscribers.

You could add “bundling” to this impressive list

The list above is totally impressive. So many options!

I’ll give you one more option: What if Caroline bundled her newsletter with another one, written by an author she trusts? They could sell both newsletters as a bundle and make up to 44% more money with it. My upcoming platform,, will enable people to create a “writer collaborative” on the fly, within minutes.

I must contact Caroline and ask for her feedback about it!

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