Polina Pompliano: The woman who grows her newsletter, ignoring the numbers

I don’t know whether she looks at her analytics at all.

Matthias Bohlen
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Polina Pompliano is a consistent writer. Every Wednesday and Sunday, she releases another issue of her newsletter “The Profile”!

I wrote about her before, but when re-reading her articles, something struck me: She never talks about subscriber numbers. All the growth tips she gives focus on qualitative aspects.

See what she recommends, to grow your newsletter:

Growth ideas that got Polina to 1,000s of paying subscribers

  • Write a focused launch post: Tell the readers that you’ve got big news: You’re launching the paid version. Tell them why it’s important (with some personal story and reasons why you invest in it). Show them the suite of benefits they will get when they get the paid version, and what the difference will be.
  • Consistency + time = trust: Consistently keep your word and deliver on what you’ve promised. This will get people to trust in you. Don’t start something if you’re unsure whether you can stick with it on a regular cadence.
  • Double down on what you can sustain: There will be the temptation to do podcasts, videos, etc. Do it only if you’re willing to be consistent with each channel. Stick to your newsletter, first, and diversify when you have time and resources.
  • Tag the people you featured: Invite serendipity to strike, after you’ve written a new post. Tag the people you featured on social networks. Maybe a person with a big following will retweet.
  • Make a sample paid post free: Take an excellent paid post and make it free for everyone so they can get a sense of the quality of your paid series. This will convert free readers to paying subscribers.

From my POV, I would add newsletter bundling to this already awesome list of growth patterns.

Where to learn more

If you want to be inspired to write a high-quality newsletter, check out The Profile.

Polina Pompliano

The Profile

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