3 wonderful ways of thinking that allow you to invite real growth as a paid newsletter author

How to grow your paid newsletter, financially and beyond.

Matthias Bohlen
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What if every kind of growth had a currency?

Of course, as a paid newsletter author, when you say “growth”, you mean financial growth. And money is a form of currency, that’s for sure. But, let’s think outside the limits and explore what happens when you try to find other currencies for growth!

I have found these three to be most motivating for a paid newsletter author.


This one is the most obvious.

You get paid by your subscribers. Each one pays a fee, be it monthly or yearly. And they get value in return: quality content, your unique edge on your topic, and your way to say what needs to be said. This one is easy to think about: dollars = subscribers x fee.

Here’s my earlier post about how to start growing your newsletter by 44%, financially, within 30 minutes.


Writing “into the void” can feel… lonely.

As a writer, you want to express yourself. You write because you want the world to care about what you have to say. You want feedback: What do other people think and (maybe more importantly) feel about what you’re writing about? What ideas do they have? How can I improve my next piece?

Here are some possible actions for you to get more feedback:

  • Look at feedback as another form of currency that you want to grow, too.
  • Invite it deliberately. Ask for it gently but clearly.
  • Be most grateful when you get some.
  • Transform it into energy for improvement.

Feedback is like a present. With more feedback, you’re a happier author.

Clarity of thought and expression

In 2013, then PM at Twitter, Ameet Ranadive said in Writing clarifies thinking:

There are three reasons why writing enables you to structure your ideas: framing, prioritization and synthesis.

With limited space on your page, you need to frame your idea clearly, uncover and prioritize the most important things, and (in the end) synthesize findings and balance different perspective on your idea.

That’s a lot of value that you get from writing. Treat clarity and your power of expression as currencies, too. Nurture them and they will grow.

How to invite growth for you

Make this framework actionable. Take a blank page and write down three answers to each of these questions:

  • What are examples for things I can do to grow my subscriber list, or to raise my fee?
  • What are some ways to get more feedback on each newsletter issue that I write?
  • How can I clarify my thinking and express myself even more clearly and in a more compelling way?

Turn the answers into a prioritized to-do list. Put it next to your writing place so that when your writing hour comes, you have them handy.

Here’s to your growth!

P.S.: Got any feedback for me on this piece? 😉

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