8 Ways to Grow Your Paid Newsletter

Once you’ve gone paid, growing your newsletter becomes harder. Here are some things that other authors did in that situation.

Matthias Bohlen
3 minutes reading time

In the last weeks, I researched how successful newsletter authors grow their newsletters.

In every interview that I read, the authors talked about their frameworks and methods for growing their paid newsletters. Some common patterns could be seen in what they did. I will share them with you here, so you save time to start growing your newsletter!

Read the top 8 categories of actions you can take to make your own newsletter go through the roof!


Team up with a buddy author. Sell a bundle of multiple newsletters as one, for a reduced price. You get your buddy’s subscribers, and your buddy gets yours. Each one of you makes up to 44% more money than before. (To automate the technical details, use newsbundler.com, it will be released in Spring).


Write towards growth, with that goal in mind. Examples:

  • Content that converts people to the paid version
  • High-quality content that is surprising and unpredictable
  • Use your subscriber’s language. Words they know work best.


Offer financial gains, make more. Examples:

  • Extra-high price for “friends” tier
  • Give discount before your paid launch
  • Make a sample paid post free


Stay organized, keep focus. Examples:

  • Double-down to grow. Focus on your newsletter. Defer podcasts, courses, etc. until later.
  • Keep a library of messages that work: Measure the performance of each piece and re-use what works best.


Connect with people. Examples:

  • Interview people and publish the interview.
  • Reach out to influencers. Ask big accounts to share your newsletter.
  • Play a game with your audience, e.g. prepare a custom Bingo board.
  • Build trust: Share your goals openly and be consistent.


Use technology to automate growth. Examples:

  • SEO
  • Analytics tools to measure engagement of your pieces
  • Schedule your tweets to save time for writing and real interaction
  • Use a feedback gathering tool. Add a link to every newsletter issue.

Tooting your horn

Make big noise, deliberately. Examples:

  • Paid Ads: Advertise your newsletter
  • Celebrate a milestone: Every month, write about the progress you made
  • CTA to your email list: Ask your subscribers to support you, e.g. by social sharing or telling their friends about your newsletter
  • Launch post: Before you go paid, write a launch post to announce it in a big way. Plan for the launch. Execute with attention to detail.


Show up to be seen, and ask people to share. Examples:

  • Guest posting on other newsletters
  • Daily posts on Twitter and Instagram: Talk about your newsletter constantly. Share a photo, or share your creative behind-the-scenes process.
  • Get featured on podcasts. Research podcast hosts who have a similar audience to you. Offer to contribute your POV to their show.
  • Show up on radio and TV when invited.
  • Encourage Word of Mouth: Write an epic series about the same topic and ask people to share the first piece with their friends.

What is your next step?

I collected a lot here. You might be overwhelmed or confused.

Don’t worry. Sit down and choose one thing. One little thing that you can easily do today. Then do another one tomorrow, and the day after. Over time, you build a “growth habit”.

Get back to me in 7 days and share what happened. I’m sooo curious! :-)


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