The tiny seed that will grow your newsletter into a big tree

Paid newsletter authors excited: News Bundler launches its Early Access version on Feb 12.

Matthias Bohlen
4 minutes reading time

This week, I have big news to share.

It will be a totally exciting week for paid newsletter authors, as well as for me as the founder of News Bundler. It’s because the first version of News Bundler will go LIVE. 🚀

Come with me on that journey:

What is News Bundler?

News Bundler is a new software platform on the Internet where authors can team up and offer their newsletters as a bundle. They offer it to their subscribers and can double their lists that way. They also share the revenue from the bundle:

  • 72% goes to the authors
  • 20% goes to the subscribers (as a discount)
  • 8% goes to News Bundler to run the platform

Simple: “72% of one cake of size 4” is more than “100% of two cakes of size 1”.

Why do I do this?

Everything started in January 2022 when I joined a cohort-based writing course, and I felt I needed something to write about. The idea was: Why not create a startup and write about how I grow it?

A few days into the course I thought: “Hey, this is not a mere writing exercise, it’s actually such a good idea – you should create that startup for real!“.

What fascinates me: News Bundler democratizes newsletter bundles. Every author can do it, regardless on which newsletter platform they write. They can team up even if they write on different platforms. No need to tie yourself to a particular platform to grow your newsletter.

The potential of this platform is huge. So many authors, and so many subscribers are out there who love to read well-written stories.

Why me, why now?

Three of my passions match up here that will make this a hell of a ride:

  1. I am a professional software engineer, and I love writing code, for 42 years in a row now!
  2. I am also an avid newsletter reader, both paid and free newsletters are in my inbox.
  3. I discovered my love for consistent writing. I know what it takes to write daily (see my own newsletter on Substack)

The beginnings are humble

This week, News Bundler starts as a simple newsletter directory. As an author, you can sign up and add your own newsletter to it, to make it visible on the platform.

Your newsletter will belong to one or more of 55 categories. If you want, I can pair you up with another author who writes in similar categories, or if you prefer, you can bring your own buddy to team up with.

The next feature that will come is your ability to define a bundle from your newsletters. News Bundler will give you an affiliate link that you can send to your list, to announce to your subscribers about the upcoming bundle.

More features that will come in the following weeks:

  • register subscribers
  • sell the bundle
  • collect payments
  • distribute revenue to the authors
  • handle subscriptions and unsubscriptions from the readers.

But everything will start this week with a tiny seed: The crowd-sourced directory of newsletters who “want to be bundled”.

Be one of the early adopters

This product is built in public. That means, you can have an influence on what it will look like and what it will do for you. If you join now, I will ask you for feedback on your user experience, and tiny questions on ideas like “Do you want to be the only one who defines a bundle, or would you allow your subscribers to create a custom bundle by themselves?“.

Every two weeks, I will synthesize the answers that I get from you and the public, and I’ll put them into a plan for the next two weeks.

Here’s what you get when you join

  • A platform to display your newsletter for free.
  • The possibility to grow your own newsletter by 44%.
  • The option to influence what the News Bundler software will do for you.
  • A Discord community of newsletter authors who would like to team up with others.

Everything starts on Saturday, Feb 12, 2022

On Saturday, I will open the early access version. I will announce it on Twitter, on Medium, in my newsletter and on itself.

Please come and join us all as paid newsletter authors who want to grow. Bring your writing friends, too.

So excited to see you “inside”!


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