Stop struggling with growth. Bundle your writing and share the revenue.

2 Writers make money

A free 7-day email course for paid newsletter entrepreneurs to raise your income by forming a 2-person writer collective

    Of course you know what bundling is, for writers. But you're sitting there, writing alone.

    Hey, Matthias here!

    Writing can feel lonely at times. I've been deep down into the world of professional newsletter authors for several months now, and I've seen it.

    Especially the paid newsletters. Once you are behind the paywall, it becomes harder to grow your subscriber base.

    As a writer, you know there are the successful writer collectives like Every, Brickhouse, and Defector.

    They have a team. They write together, and they sell their work together, as a bundle of individual articles, written by a single author at a time.

    They have fun, and they make money. But... 🤔


    But you don't want to run a company, right? You want to focus on writing.

    When I proposed that authors team up and bundle their work, they said: "Intuitively it feels like a good idea, but I need to know why it's better than writing a newsletter on my own." And then they asked

    "Why is it worth the effort to be 2?"

    If you have the same question, then this email course is for you. I will show you how to run a small writer collective of 2, make 40% more money than alone, and have more fun without having to run a company.

    People have questions about bundling

    What You Will LearnWhat's in it for You?

    This 7-day email course covers what I've learned while I went deeply into the world of media, newsletters, journalism and other forms of paid writing.

    You will learn:

    • What a writer collective is, and why more and more authors team up 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽 to create one
    • When it will boost your income 💰 and in which case it will fail 💣
    • How you and your buddy 🤝 create a collective and get started 🚀
    • What processes and tools 🧰 you need to run the collective
    • How you get people to see 👀 and buy your collective's work
    • How you send your collective writing 📤 out to subscribers
    • How you care for your subscribers
    • How you collect payments 💰 and share the revenue 💸
    • How you setup an automation 🔁 so you can forget all this and get back to writing 🖊

    The program:

    • Includes 1 email a day
    • Features real-life examples from professional writers
    • Gives you actionable steps each day (approx. 30-60 mins per day)
    • Is an interactive email course (make friends with Matthias and chat anytime)

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