6 Easy Ways to Find a Buddy to Increase Your Income as a Paid Newsletter Author

Increasing your income is easier than you think.

Matthias Bohlen
3 minutes reading time

Recently, I talked to the author of a paid newsletter.

I proposed he team up with a buddy to increase his income. (He had already seen that I wrote several articles about how much more you can make when you bundle your newsletters and share the revenue.)

He asked me: “I don’t have a buddy, where do I find one?”

Sometimes it’s these little details that stop people from going forward. So let’s get that obstacle out of the way and collect some options that can work for you.

Ask a friend

Writing a paid newsletter can be a lonely thing to do. Get a buddy like so:

Ask a friend who writes whether they want to join you. Or maybe your friend knows another author who is also a little lonely and could use a peer.

Ask your own subscribers

A really cool way is to ask your own subscribers what other newsletters they enjoy to read.

Imagine: When your subscribers like someone elses writing, it is highly likely that the other author is a good match for you to team up with!

Contact that other author and tell them you want to team up with someone to have more fun, more ideas, and make more money. They will be intrigued because it will apply to them, too: They will have more fun and they will make more money, too!

Find someone on your platform

If you write on a platform (like Medium, Revue, or Substack), you can browse it to see what other people write about. Most platforms use categories or tags to find similar interests and topics.

Browse the topics that you’re interested in and ask authors who write there. Invite them to form the smallest “writers collective” possible: Two people who write things that will go well together.

Team up with them and add both newsletters to the News Bundler directory. That makes you able to package them as a bundle and sell it.

Find a buddy in the News Bundler directory

When you add your newsletter to the directory on News Bundler, you add it to one or more of 50 categories like “Culture”, “Business”, “Sports”, “Tech”, etc. When it gets published the next day, News Bundler will show the listing.

In a column on the right, it says “You might also like”, and it shows a list of newsletters from similar categories as yours. Among these newsletters, there is likely one that would make a great companion for yours when sold as a bundle.

Browse the newsletters in that column and contact their authors. They will find the idea of teaming up amazing!

From there, it’s only a matter of 4 mouse clicks to create a new bundle, add their newsletter and your own to it, and submit it for sale. Your buddy and you should then send an email to your lists and invite readers to buy the new bundle.

Let the subscribers on News Bundler do it for you

Everyone on News Bundler can define a bundle and submit it to have it enabled for sale.

Users on News Bundler can click “Create Bundle”, add a few newsletters (e.g. yours!) from the directory, and finally they submit the bundle. I will get a notification, have a look at the new bundle and put it for sale in News Bundler’s online shop.

Everyone can now buy a paid subscription for the new bundle, and you begin to make money, even without knowing that someone did the work for you!

How cool is that?

Ask me, I’ll find a buddy for you

Simply add your newsletter to the News Bundler directory, then DM me on Twitter.

I will make News Bundler publish your listing and send you a few ideas for people whom you will like to team up with. That way, you’ll have another friendly human think about your options, which is always a good thing.

See you on the platform! Matthias

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