Bold growth ideas for your paid newsletter

Increasing the price or the subscriber numbers – anything you prefer?

Matthias Bohlen
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Happy Saturday!

This is News Bundler, a newsletter about innovative ways for paid newsletter authors to make more money from your newsletters. My name is Matthias, I’m the founder of the News Bundler platform.

3 valuable things for you this week:

  1. The progress of the News Bundler platform
  2. One top pricing tip to grow your newsletter
  3. The week’s 30-minute activity that will change your newsletter’s life!

Making progress with News Bundler

Last week I continued to work on the money-related functions of News Bundler. Here is a peek into the yet unreleased functions that are already running in my development lab:

  • An author can sell a paid newsletter bundle as a monthly subscription
  • A subscriber can pay with their credit card
  • An author can connect their bank account or debit card to receive the money from their bundle sales

Then I wanted to add the most important function:

  • Automatically take the money that comes from one subscriber and transfer it to multiple authors (as a pair or team of authors, you want to be paid for your newsletters, right?)

I wrote the function, but when I tried to test it I realized that my test environment was not yet flexible enough for “live” tests with Stripe. 🙎‍♂️

Therefore, I decided to create a new test environment that is much more automated and requires less manual work than before. This took me the entire week, something that I didn’t expect, but now I’m so happy that this is done! 😅

For you as an author this means that I can now thoroughly test, to make totally sure that you get the right amount of money to your bank account. 💰

For next week I plan to add affiliate codes that you’ll be able to send with invitations to your subscribers. When they click and subscribe to your newsletter bundle, News Bundler will recognize that they came from your invitation. This will automatically increase your share of revenue from the sales of your bundle.

Top pricing tip to grow your newsletter

Your revenue follows a simple formula: revenue = subscribers * price, right?

You can now play with those two variables: Increase your subscriber count and/or increase the price of your newsletter.

Here is a tip that I learned from an interview that the Substack people had with Michael Williams, the author of a manswear newsletter. He said:

Pricing: $7 a month, $68 a year, and a “Friends” tier for $250 a year. I have about two dozen people at that top tier. Those people are true believers in what I am doing and just want to support me in a bigger way so the newsletter can exist. The monthly cost is a bit expensive and I have it priced there for two reasons: so I can do special offers and discounts, and to try and push people into annual memberships.

Bold move, right?

Michael prices his newsletter deliberately high for his true fans. That gives him more breathing room for experiments with special offers and discounts.

How much is your newsletter right now? Can you make a similar, bold move and define a top tier price for your true fans?

Your 30-minute activity to do right now

If you want to be less bold but equally effective, try this and prepare to grow your subscriber count:

  1. Find a buddy who is also a newsletter author
  2. Invite them to bundle their newsletter with yours
  3. Sign up for News Bundler
  4. Add both newsletters to it
  5. Create a bundle of 2
  6. DM me on Twitter so I can make your bundle visible on the website

This will set you up for success. In April, News Bundler will go live with the real Stripe connection so that money can flow in and out of the platform. If your bundle is already on the platform, you will have a head start! 🏎 🏁

Thank you so much!

Thanks for reading News Bundler Weekly. Please give me feedback, ask me anything about what you read here, and share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. I need your support to grow this, together!

Cheers, Matthias

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