Jobs to be done by a newsletter author

How to improve on research, writing, editing, publishing, and growth of your newsletter.

Matthias Bohlen
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Happy Saturday,

it’s Matthias here again with a new issue of News Bundler Weekly.

Today, you’ll read about these topics:

  • What it takes to get your job(s) done as a newsletter author
  • The new, free(!) tool we’re creating to help you get more subscribers for your newsletter
  • Fun stuff: This week in my inbox and on Twitter

So, let’s get started right away.

Jobs to be done by a newsletter author

Every newsletter author knows they have to go through the same 5 steps to get a successful newsletter out to the public.

  • research your topic
  • write interesting stuff
  • edit it ruthlessly
  • publish it to the world
  • grow your audience of subscribers

This week, I thought it was a good idea to collect some processes, methods, or tools for you. Get these 5 jobs done!


One thing that will definitely help you with research is a “second brain”. That’s a system for note-taking with modern digital tools so that you never run out of knowledge, topics or ideas for your newsletter.

Tiago Forte’s book Build a Second Brain is being published in 3 days. He will definitely have a lot to say about how to do this. Watch his book launch unfold:


Writing is a focused process. It is healthy for your mind.

When you write, you clarify your ideas, you make them understandable, you make them interesting. Writing can literally change your life. Of course, the process is more important than the tools, but tools shouldn’t detract you from the process or the net result: a good piece of writing.

My favourite writing tool that allows me to stay focused on the text is Zettlr. I write in Markdown syntax, and Zettler automatically visualizes headlines, bold, italic, and hyperlinked text. It also allows you to insert images and tables. The table editor is fantastic – it feels like you work in Excel instead of Markdown.

And it’s unbelievable but true: Zettlr is free.


To edit my text, I print it out on paper, take a pen, and sit down in a place that is far away from my desk.

I make all kinds of annotations, or I strike through parts that I want removed, just traditional editing with a pen. It allows me to have a fresh look on my text, with more mental distance so I can clearly see its strengths and weaknesses. Afterwards, I return to my desk and make the changes in Zettlr.

I also use the Hemingway App to simplify my writing. Sometimes I build unnecessarily complex sentences. Hemingway helps you to see the complex parts. You can then replace them by something that’s easier to understand.


I publish Newsbundler Weekly on, on ConvertKit, on Medium, and on Substack.

If you publish your content on multiple platforms, it gives your good “backlink soma” that improves the SEO ranking of your main domain. Make sure you always add a so-called “canonical link” whenever you post on another platform. This makes Google recognize the original text on your site.

Finally, I always share the latest newsletter issue on Twitter. I use ThreadStart to write a small thread, with a teaser image and a link to the blog-post form of the newsletter. In ThreadStart, I mark the tweet as an evergreen tweet so that it gets retweeted from time to time.

This allows our followers to discover interesting newsletter issues after time has passed.


Interestingly, we didn’t think much about growing our own newsletter, yet.

You would expect that as a company that makes software for newsletter growth, we would focus on growing our newsletter as well. Yet, we didn’t do that.

To make it easy for you, I wrote previous issues about newsletter growth. For example, read this one.


Do you have any tips for good processes, methods, and tools for your fellow authors, here? Reply to this newsletter or join our Discord channel to discuss them.

Getting more subscribers for you

Our theme here is newsletter growth. Bundling is only one way to make a big leap in subscriber and income growth. There are other, more subtle ways to grow, too.

To make it easier for you to get more subscribers, we have a new tool in the works!

It’s our second one besides News Bundler. It will be called “Get Their Click”. See to get a first glimpse of the crude homepage.

Look at your Twitter profile. When you sign up for Revue by using your Twitter account, you can automatically get a signup link for your newsletter, placed nicely on your Twitter profile. When someone reads your profile, they can immediately sign up for your newsletter with one or two mouse clicks.


However: Not everybody uses Revue. Maybe, you write on ConvertKit instead of Revue (like I do, here). Wouldn’t you like to connect your ConvertKit account, too?

Get Their Click will make this easy. It will connect to Revue, look for new subscribers every hour, and copy their email addresses to your ConvertKit account, automatically. (We will connect to other systems besides ConvertKit as well, depending on popular demand).

And the best thing: Get Their Click will be totally free. It’s our present to you as a hard-working newsletter author, to help you get new subscribers as easily as possible.

Please reply to this newsletter, so we can notify you as soon as Get Their Click goes live.

This week in my inbox and on Twitter

This photo made me laugh out loud. The baby looks totally determined to do something, right? :-)

“Real imposters don’t suffer from imposter syndrome”. Good catch!

Dracula Daily, the classic novel, emailed to you as it unfolds.

Hobby No More, an essay about what it means to turn content creation from a hobby into a business.

Imitate, then Innovate by David Perell. His articles are always worth a read, for people who write (like you, obviously!).

This Sucker’s Electrical by Aaron Crocco. I love how he alludes to time travel while speaking about a new, fancy $175k EV.

Let’s discuss this on Discord

Two questions for the News Bundler Discord channel:

  • What are your favourite tools and processes to create your newsletter?
  • What are the favourite newsletters you really like to have in your inbox?

Slide into the News Bundler Discord channel so we can chat about this with more people.

You can “speak friend and enter” right here, using my invite link:

Please invite other newsletter authors to join us on Discord as well.

Have a good weekend and a successful fresh start into next week… Matthias

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