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So many things happened on News Bundler in only a week. This is worth writing about.

Matthias Bohlen
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Happy Saturday!

can’t believe it’s only a week since we last met. This week’s issue is about newsletters who recently joined News Bundler, and about the new exciting features that I could build into the product this week.

Let’s get started.

New authors are joining News Bundler

The first newsletter authors have added their newsletters to the directory. These newsletters can now be bundled which makes them interesting to subscribers and fellow authors as well. (Remember? If you bundle your newsletter with someone elses, you get their subscribers and they get yours. Win-win!)

These newsletters joined the club this week:

  • Jonah’s Growth Stocks (Finance, Investment) : Jonah’s newsletter includes deep-dive writeups on his favourite growth stocks plus quarterly updates, webcasts and CEO interviews.
  • TimeMachiner (Culture, Technology) : Tech, culture, and nostalgia for curious readers
  • Quick as a Flash (Arts, Writing) : Weekly micro and flash fiction for readers looking to fit more stories in between the busy parts of their lives
  • Ink n Bones (Games, Podcasting, Writing) : An Anthology-like Solo Actual Play Podletter. Published using Mythic GME + Tango
  • Listen Up Pro (Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups) : Actionable insights to help you build and grow a business
  • Every Intention (Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Productivity) : I help entrepreneurs and business leaders calm their chaos and reduce burnout through intentional time management.
  • On Repeat (Music, Arts) : Give me 2 weeks and I’ll give you a new favorite song!

Welcome to all of you. People will be excited to include your newsletters in their bundles! Please invite your friends, too, if they have a paid newsletter and want to grow it significantly.

New features added to News Bundler

I can’t believe it’s only a week but I could add all these new features to News Bundler since the last issue you read:

  • Every newsletter in News Bundler now has two email addresses. As an author, you can see them when you’re logged in. Copy/paste these email addresses to your lists. One is for the free version, one for the paid version of your newsletter. This enables the next feature:
  • Next time you send it out, News Bundler receives newsletter issues automatically. Set and forget!
  • Every user on the platform can now create their own newsletter bundles and decide which newsletters to include. Authors: This will surprise you and save you the work to decide whom you want to team up with. Crowd-sourced bundles is the way! (See the new “Bundles” menu in the app).
  • You will now see a new button “Bundle this!” on every newsletter in the directory. When you click it, News Bundler will ask you to which bundle you want to add this newsletter. This assumes you have prepared a bundle in the “Bundles” menu for this, already.
  • Internally, it is also already possible to subscribe to a bundle and to list your existing subscriptions. However, there is no UI for this, yet. I will add it this week.
  • Internally, News Bundler already forwards newsletter issues to the subscribers, too. Whenever you send a new issue of your newsletter, News Bundler looks to which bundles it belongs and who has subscribed to those bundles. It forwards your newsletter to those people already. At the moment, this all works for free, no money is involved yet (so maybe you don’t want to send paid newsletter issues to News Bundler just yet.)
  • I also fixed a bug that made your login expire too early (after 24 hours). Now your login is kept active for 3 days, and you’re automatically asked for a new login afterwards. This is for security purposes.

Start using News Bundler, today!

There are a few things you can do this week, if you haven’t done them already:

  • Add your own newsletter to the directory in News Bundler.
  • Connect your email sending system (like ConvertKit, Substack, Revue, whatever…) to News Bundler (by adding the magic email addresses that you get from News Bundler)
  • Create a bundle of interesting newsletters so you or other people can subscribe to it next week!

End note

As always, if you’re enjoying this letter, I’d love it if you shared it with a friend or two. You can send them here to sign up.

If you have any feedback or questions for me, just reply to this newsletter or contact me on Twitter @newsbundler. My DMs are open.

Have a great weekend, Matthias

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