Newsletter authors: What it takes to “go bundled”

Your 5-step guide on how to make 44% more with your paid newsletter.

Matthias Bohlen
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In this post, I am going to explain how to grow your paid newsletter by bundling it with one from another author.

Selling a bundle of two newsletters allows you to earn up to 44% more (for you and your buddy author as well). Financially, this is obviously great! But even more than that, it’s exciting to have a small business: a “writers collective” of your own. Writing can otherwise be a lonely thing. The people from Every have shown us how beautiful it can be when you actually do it (you must read about them if you haven’t done so, yet).

Unfortunately, many paid authors don’t “go bundled” because they’re afraid that having your own “Every” will be too much work.

Authors think that bundling is difficult

There are multiple reasons why even successful newsletter authors “go paid” but don’t “go bundled”. Here are 4 reasons why they don’t simply get started and offer a bundle:

  • Reason 1: “It’s too complicated and risky”. Of course, teaming up with someone else seems more complicated than doing something on your own. “What if they write on a different platform? Where do we actually sell the bundle? How do we collect the money, subtract the taxes, and pay ourselves afterwards?” – All these questions seem overwhelming at first. But what if there was a tool that automated all that away for you?

  • Reason 2: “It’s like Spotify, the individual author doesn’t make much”. Spotify, Apple, Amazon, etc. offer millions of authors and titles in their flat fee bundle. The individual musician, writer or podcaster makes way too little out of this model. Only the 1% big names do. That’s true. But what if there were only 2-5 authors per bundle? Wouldn’t it suddenly be easier and make more financial sense?

  • Reason 3: “I don’t know any other author to team up with”. Authors think that, for a buddy writer, they need to find someone “special”: They think she/he must come from a certain niche, have a big list, or have a compatible point of view. That’s actually just a theory: It can be any author who writes high quality content. Crazy idea: What if your readers themselves would choose a buddy for you? Think about it!

  • Reason 4: “It will require too much tech savvyness”. Oh yes, if you do it the “DIY” way, it can become really complex! You need a marketing platform, a search engine and an online shop for the bundles, a system to collect money and send it to your bank accounts, etc. etc. This is a totally valid concern: As an author you don’t want to become a computer center operator!

Don’t fret – there’s hope. I’m going to explain to you how you can overcome all these problems I just laid out!

Here’s how, step by step:

Step 1: Don’t try to DIY, sign up for a platform-independent tool

Some very tech-savvy authors tried to do it themselves. That was a giant distraction for them.

Even if you get some solution cobbled together, do you really want to take care of the running solution, monitor it, fix it when it breaks, and explain it to your readers?

Nope. If I were you, I would prefer to write and let a platform-independent tool do the heavy lifting for me.

Platform-independence is important here. Instead of a system that only works for authors who write on a particular platform (for example Substack or Wattpad), authors should be free to write anywhere, on any platform they like. Even if it’s their good old blog with a newsletter plugin.

I recommend: Sign up for a free account on News Bundler. List your newsletter in our newsletter directory. You get immediate visibility, we get something to bundle. We’re platform-independent. That’s our job. We do this for small teams of authors. It starts with 2 of you.

Step 2: Find a buddy author, or have me recommend them to you

Bundling works with another newsletter, written by a fellow author.

Here are 3 options how to get a buddy author:

  1. You can bring someone you know
  2. You can ask someone on social media
  3. You can simply have a look at who is already listed in the newsletter directory on News Bundler. The information you need is all laid out for you: What do they write about, how often, what’s the price of their newsletter, etc.

If you’ve got no idea, let me find suggestions for you. After you signed up and listed your newsletter in step 1 above, send an email to I’ll find a few people for you.

Ask your buddy to join News Bundler as well.

Step 3: Create a bundle

Now this is where everything (no pun intended) becomes interesting.

  • Create a bundle and add your 2 newsletters to it.
  • Set a price. Start with the sum of your newsletter prices, minus 20% discount for the readers.
  • Click “Publish” on the bundle.
  • News Bundler publishes the new bundle so all readers on News Bundler can see it instantly.

Step 4: Add one more email address to your list

For yor new bundle, News Bundler gives you an email address.

Yes, the bundle is like a person to whom you send your newsletter. It works with the existing platform that you’re using today. No need to change anything!

Add the bundle email to your list. Whenever you send a newsletter issue, News Bundler will forward it to the readers who bought your bundle.

We’re approaching the finish line now.

  • News Bundler gives you a personal affiliate link, specific to your bundle.
  • Send this link to your list and kindly invite your readers to subscribe to the bundle. They will get 2 good newsletters for 20% off the price.

News Bundler will count how many readers came via your link, and how many came via your buddy’s link. It will share the total bundle revenue between you and your buddy, depending on the number of readers you both brought with you, and on the prices of each of your newsletters.

News Bundler uses a formula to keep you and your buddy happy and free of monetary debates.

That’s it! Do steps 1 and 2 today.

Sign up for our free newsletter directory. Even if you don’t bundle immediately, people will click on the links in your listing to see what you have to offer in your newsletter. Enjoy more visitors to your newsletter “About” and “Archive” pages.

Please give me feedback about your experience. As an independent entrepreneur, I want you to be as happy as possible with News Bundler!

Steps 3 to 5 will work soon. I’m currently coding it all up for you.

Cheers and: happy to see you on the other side,

Matthias Bohlen

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