The Storyletter

An independent publisher of serialized novels, short stories, poetry, and flash fiction. Greater stories in fewer words!


Storyletter LLC is an independent publisher striving to bring you great short fiction from up-and-coming writers. The Storyletter is currently a growing Substack with over 3,000 views since its launch in July of 2021.

The Mission

The ultimate goal of The Storyletter is to provide writers with a supportive platform to reach potential readers who desire a trusted source in new and entertaining independent short fiction.

The Content

Storyletter LLC seeks to publish short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and novellas (in the form of serial fiction). Full-length novels may be considered in the future. Genres include science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, dystopian, utopian, new weird, magical realism, folktales, and other genre-bending tales. Non-fiction is currently not being considered. Stories will be posted periodically based on availability and not on a set schedule.

Express Membership

Storyletter LLC promotes supporting the independent artists and creators of our time. While stories will remain free for our readers, that doesn’t mean that our writers won’t get paid. Storyletter LLC intends to pay writers for each story that is published on the Substack, therefore, becoming a paying member helps increase the payouts for your favorite indie writers. Also, becoming an Express member allows exclusive access to The Storyletter private Discord server for both readers and writers.