Have you noticed how it feels like the world is evolving faster and faster? Like we can’t keep up with what’s happening.

I believe this is just the beginning.

I believe that some of us alive today will live forever. Maybe you, reading this. I believe AI will make our lives unrecognizably better. It will also push many into poverty. I believe wealth will keep concentrating in the hands of a few, especially the hands of builders of aggregators. I believe nation-states will drift into irrelevance. I believe geography will matter less and less. I believe remote work will do to white collar workers what it has done to blue collar workers over the last 50 years. I believe Bitcoin will replace gold, cryptocurrencies will replace fiat currencies, and smart contracts will upend how we deal with each other. I believe tech corporations scientifically enslave us into unhappiness. I believe we don’t fathom yet the consequences of fertility collapse, and are utterly unprepared for it. I believe most people are not developing the crucial skills they will need to surf these trends. Instead, these trends will overwhelm and crush them. I believe all these themes are interconnected. We’re entering a world of change, full of unknowns that will challenge everything about how we live and work. We’re entering uncharted territories.