Newsletter bundles are the next step in paid writing

Authors grow by jointly getting more subscribers. Subscribers save by getting a discount for multiple newsletters.

Alice has a newsletter

She has 1000 subscribers who pay $10/month each.

She knows that Bob also writes excellent content that her subscribers would be fond of.


Bob has a similar newsletter

He also has 1000 subscribers who pay $10/month each.

He thinks that his subscribers would like Alice's written expertise, too.


This is the magic momentAlice and Bob team up

Each one offers a two-newsletter bundle at $16/month to their list. If all subscribers agree, both Alice and Bob each have 2000 subscribers on their lists.

They still get $10/month from their 1000 previous subscribers, and $4.40/month from the 1000 subscribers they got from their respective buddy.

Newsletter Bundler advertises their newsletters in a beautiful and searchable directory, manages the subscribers, forwards the newsletters, collects payments, and distributes the royalties to Alice and Bob – all for 10% of the subscriber fees ($1.60/month per subscriber in this example).

Everyone wins: Alice and Bob each get an additional income of $4,400 per month. Their subscribers now get two excellent newsletters at a 20% discount ($16 instead of $20).

(Note: VAT will apply in most situations. We left it out to keep this story easy to understand.)

BenefitsFor authors

Grow on our platform, teaming up with your buddies:

  • Get more attention by being seen in our directory

  • Earn additional income from bundled newsletters

  • Don't care about subscription management and royalties distribution – just keep writing!

BenefitsFor subscribers

Save big on curated high-quality newsletter bundles:

  • Sign up for the platform

  • Browse our large directory of newsletters

  • Choose which newsletter you want to read, to support the writers that you care for!

How much will you grow?

Let us calculate for you, how much your own newsletter can grow by bundling it with another one:

My newsletter

My buddy's newsletter

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