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One of the things we prize most is your loyalty. So we’re concerned to hear that you’ve been approached by companies who claim to be representing Guideposts. It can be hard to tell if a sales call is legitimate so please be on alert if a telemarketer gets you on the phone and:

  • Won’t take no for an answer—We will never pressure you for a decision.
  • Asks for personal information—If you’re not sure if the call is legitimate, do not give your credit card or checking account information.
  • Pushes for immediate payment—Our subscribers are protected by our Preferred Subscriber Guarantee. We will gladly accept your order and bill you later.
  • Is hesitant to give details about the subscription—All details should be clear to you, including price and number of issues, before you authorize your order.
  • The most important rule: If a sales call makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to say “No thanks” and hang up.

If you ever have doubts about an offer from a company claiming to be Guideposts, let us know. Call us at (800) 431-2344. Our customer-service representatives will be happy to help you.  Please rest assured, we are working with a periodical watch to try to eliminate these types of organizations.

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