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Handmade Crafts That Created Miracles

Knitting, sewing, quilting, crocheting… God’s divine design weaves through our lives.

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Many of us find joy and comfort in the world of crafting. Whether knitting a hat, sewing a quilt, or crocheting a beautiful pattern, we can find God in every stitch. Check out these inspiring stories about how handmade crafts created unexpected miracles.

1. The Small Hat

When Mandy Haynes tried her first attempt at knitting, she ended up making a hat that was too small for anyone, even a baby. She laughed at her mistake and brought the tiny hat to her work at a children’s hospital the next day to show her coworkers. Mandy stuck the hat in her desk drawer and forgot about it. Until a few days later when a four-year-old girl came in for an echocardiogram. She was wearing a knit cap to cover the hair loss from her leukemia treatment and clutched a baby doll in her arms…

See how Mandy’s tiny, knitted hat became a miracle, one that returned to her in an unexpected way years later.

2. The Flying Quilt

The quilt on Lenice Hansen’s guest bed really brought the room together. Something about the cheerful floral pattern, the fine hand-sewn stitches, and that deep ruby-red border felt homey and welcoming. It invited you to curl up and get cozy with a book and a hot cup of tea or simply take a catnap. But the quilt didn’t belong to Lenice. It had ended up at her home in the oddest way–it had flown there.

Read the case of the mysterious flying quilt and the discovery of its origin.

3. The Crochet Cross

Diane Wallace’s husband, Jeff, an airman 1st class, was checking the life support equipment after a cargo run. Nothing was out of place. Except for a crocheted white cross, three inches long, left behind on one of the seats. No one knew how it got there. Jeff sent it home to Diane, to comfort her as she cared for their newborn and got used to their new home near his base in Washington. But the moment Jeff walked into the kitchen and put the crocheted cross in her hands, Diane had a strong feeling it was meant for someone else.

Read about who received Diane’s cross and how it was a sign, divinely timed.

4. The Perfect Gift

Diana Aydin mentioned to her friend Roberta how her mom is a big quilter and how much Diana loves quilts. That passing remark gave Roberta an idea. She asked God to help her find the perfect quilt for Diana, one that was charming, well-made and full of love. Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Roberta walked into an antiques store in West Virginia and there it was–the quilt she’d prayed for. Made in the 1930s, with a pattern of a girl in a bonnet and hand-stitched hearts. Roberta took those hearts as a sign, bought the quilt and mailed it off. Diana loved the gift. It was beautiful and strangely familiar… About a month later, Diana’s mom saw the quilt and gasped. “The girl in the bonnet!”

See why Roberta’s gift to Diana was more miraculous than she realized.

5. The Family Heirloom

Gloria Urian never knew her grandmother, but she knew all about her quilts. Back in the day, people talked about those quilts for miles around. Her applique and pieced works. Her artistic selection of fabrics. Her intricate, even stitches. They would be cherished heirlooms…if only Gloria’s family had held onto them. One day Gloria, her mom and her aunt decided to track down the long-lost quilts. But where would they even begin? And where would their searching lead them?

Read the incredible story of Gloria’s grandmother’s quilts and how they turned up in the most unexpected place.

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