10 Acts of Kindness to Do for Easter

Guideposts blogger Michelle Cox offers 6 ways you can be a blessing to others this Easter.
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Easter is a time to reflect on a God who loved us so much that He gave His life for us. As we think about how blessed we are on this day, take this opportunity to be a blessing to someone else. Make acts of kindness a new part of your yearly Easter traditions. Here are ten inspiring deeds you can do for your friends, family, loved ones, and even strangers.

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1. Invite someone to Easter dinner at your house

Easter dinner is a wonderful tradition that brings the whole family together for good food and cherished memories. Why not share the love this season? Make a tradition of inviting someone to your Easter dinner every year. Pick one of your kids’ friends, a coworker, a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or a neighbor. Keep in mind that holidays can be lonely when someone doesn’t have family to spend it with. Share the gift of your family with someone else. Plus, sometimes it’s a rare treat for folks to have a home cooked meal. Even if your family traditionally heads to a restaurant for Easter, you can still invite someone along.

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2. Ask someone to go to church with you on Easter Sunday

Does your family have a tradition of attending church service on Easter Sunday? Every year, invite someone you know who goes to church alone or wants to attend a service in a new place. Ask them about the traditions at their own church or the kind of Easter services they attended as a child. Share what your own church does so they can get excited. For example, many churches have dramas about the Easter story or special choral presentations. It’s a great time to take a friend with you to hear the message of Easter.

Woman doing an Easter act of kindness by bringing her elderly neighbor a meal
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3. Take a meal to someone alone on Easter

Many of us know someone—a neighbor, a coworker, a family friend—who will be spending Easter alone. Even if you are not able to invite them to join your own festivities, you can still brighten their day with acts of kindness on Easter. Find out their favorite foods and cook them a delicious Easter meal. Drop it off on Easter Sunday morning and spend some time with them before heading to your own celebrations.

Two friends do an act of kindness by painting eggs and making Easter baskets
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4. Fix Easter baskets for your friends and family

Nothing brings joy like receiving an Easter basket, even if you are an adult. Take on a tradition of putting together Easter baskets for your friends and family, not just the kids. See the smile it will bring to their faces. You could put the usual jellybeans, Easter eggs, and chocolate bunnies in the basket, but here are some other ideas:

  • A pot of cheery flowers that will keep on blooming
  • A “gift card” to mow their lawn or clean their house
  • A small decoration for their home
  • A gift card to a local restaurant
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5. Share your bounty

Do you know a family that’s going through difficult times financially? If you have the means, offer to help make this an Easter season they will love, even if times are hard. Give them a sweet Easter gift, offer to help them around the house or with babysitting. Take the kids shopping for an Easter outfit or for some treats for an Easter basket. See how even small acts of kindness can make a difference on Easter. If we all took the time to help someone this Easter (and all the days after) how much more hope and love could we be sharing throughout our communities?

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Young couple volunteers as an act of kindness outside for Easter
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6. Volunteer your time

Easter may be a Sunday, but there are plenty of jobs that still need doing. If you have some free time over your Easter weekend, sign up to volunteer within your community. See if a local food shelter is doing a canned food drive. Check for a nearby soup kitchen and see if you can help serve Easter dinner to those less fortunate. Look up your county’s parks department and volunteer to plant some new spring flowers in the parks around the area. No matter how you do it, spending your time serving others will truly put you in the Easter spirit.

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7. Pray for others

Never underestimate the power of praying for others. This year, as you hunt for eggs, sit down for Easter dinner, or attend a church service, take the time to show someone acts of kindness by praying for them. Let your Easter prayers for others focus on what this season is all about: hope, renewal, and new beginnings. Here are a couple Easter prayers to get you started:

  • Lord, the resurrection of Your son has given us a new life and renewed hope. Help us to live as new people in pursuit of the Christian ideal. (From New Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book)
  • Glory and praise to you, Risen Savior, for you bring light to our darkness, joy to our sorrow, and the fullness of love to our reluctant hearts.
Five kids doing an Easter egg hunt for their act of kindness
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8. Organize a neighborhood Easter egg hunt

Do you live in a neighborhood with lots of kids? Consider starting a new Easter tradition the whole block will love. Hide Easter eggs all over the area and then invite the nearby kids to join in and hunt. Make a map to help them search. Offer up a fun prize for the winner and be sure to have other prizes for everyone who participates. Encourage them to help each other as they run around the neighborhood and maybe even make new friends. Invite all the parents to join in or watch the childhood memories being made from your porch.

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9. Donate to an animal shelter

The days after Easter can be a difficult time for animal shelters, particularly ones that take in rabbits. Because people want to give rabbits as an Easter gift (without learning how to care for them), many shelters report high numbers of rabbits being abandoned. To help, consider doing an Easter act of kindness for the animals. Donate your money or time to an animal shelter or rabbit rescue. Your gift will help these rabbits get healthier, find forever homes, and bring joy to others even after Easter is over.

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10. Share the message of Easter with your family, friends and children

Don’t forget what Easter is all about. Share the message of Easter with everyone in your life. Read the Easter story in the Bible. Put some coins in a plastic Easter egg and then tell your children about the price that Jesus paid for us. As you dye eggs, talk about how the red eggs represent God’s sacrifice for us, the blue eggs are a reminder of the sky He made, the green eggs represent the grass He created, and the white eggs are a symbol of having a pure heart for God. And as they enjoy their candy, talk about the sweetness of Jesus. Make the fun traditions a celebration of God’s amazing gift of love for us—His Son.

Make any of these Easter acts of kindness a part of your yearly Easter traditions or try a new one every year. Easter is the season to be grateful for the blessing of a risen Lord, and for the opportunity that gives us to be a blessing to others.

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